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摘要: 英语含蓄虚拟条件句用法高频考点含蓄虚拟条件句是指句中没有明显的虚拟条件句,而是利用其他手段来暗示存在......
I should be happy to go with you. (=I should be happy if I could go with you.)
Born in better times, he would have been a scholar. (=If he had been born in better times, he …)
Without air, no one could live. (=If there were no air, no one could live.) 
常用的介词或介词短语,如but for, but that, without, in case of, under, under more favorable condition等。
A true friend would not have betrayed me.  (=If he had been a true friend, he would…)

(5)将条件隐含在某些连词(如or, or else, otherwise等)中。用法如下:它们后的句子如果说的不是客观事实,它们前边的句子采用陈述语气,后边的句子采用虚拟语气。


(a)句子(一般现在时)+ or, or else, otherwise + 句子(谓语部分:should\would\could\might等+ 动词原形)
(b)句子(一般过去时)+ or, or else, otherwise + 句子(谓语部分:should\would\could\might等+ have done)
Don’t bother to read all these papers. It would take too long. 
 (=…If you read all these papers, it would take too long)
常用来表示含蓄虚拟条件的手段连词如:so that, unless, in case, supposing, lest, provided,for fear that, on condition that, if only等。
(注:lest, for fear that和in case引起的从句中谓语动词多用should+动词原形,但可以不用虚拟语气,而用动词的陈述语气形式。)
例:I would have bought it yesterday, but I had no money.

题1: “You’ll have to wait for two hours, ______is, at about 11:30, ______ the medical report will come out, ” the doctor said to me.
A. that; when        B. which; that    C. that; which      D. it; whose

题2: That is the small house less than 20 square meters, under ______ roof lives a large family of three generations.
A. which       B. whose     C.  its     D. that    

题3: Many children, _____ parents are away working in big cities,are taken good care of in th e village.   
A. their          B. of them      C. whose        D. with whom

题4: We shouldn’t spent our money testing so many people, most of _______ are healthy.
A. that        B. who      C. what        D. whom

题5: Northern Ireland is filled with talented writers and poets, some of ______ have established themselves within the world of literature.
A. them          B. which C. whom D. these

题1: A
详解:that is是插入语,用来对上文进行解释说明,所以第一个空填that; ______ the medical report will come out是非限制性定语从句, 其现行词为about 11:30,在从句中作时间状语,所以第二空填when。
题2: B
详解:under ______ roof lives a large family of three是定语从句,其先行词为house。House和roof之间是所属关系,故用whose。
题3: C
详解:______ parents are away working in big cities是定语从句,其先行词为children。children与parents之间是所属关系,故用whose。
题4: D
详解:most of _______ are healthy是非限制性定语从句。That不能引导非限制性定语从句,排除A;what不能引导定语从句,排除C;people为先行词,关系词作of的宾语且介词of前置,所以选whom。
题5: C
详解:some of ______ have established themselves within the world of literature是非限制性定语从句,其先行词为talented writers and poets。关系词作介词of的宾语,所以选whom。
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