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Lang Lang, Yu Boxao, Li Zhen

2022-10-04| 来源:互联网| 查看: 317| 评论: 0

摘要: Director:ChenSichengStarringactors:HuangBirong,Zishan,YaoChen,FanWei,HuangYang,Tian,WangYiming,ChenSicheng,JiaBing,XuJuncong,YuYang,MeiTing,HuangJue,F......
Director: Chen Sicheng

Starring actors: Huang Birong, Zishan, Yao Chen, Fan Wei, Huang Yang, Tian, Wang Yiming, Chen Sicheng, Jia Bing, Xu Juncong, Yu Yang, Mei Ting, Huang Jue, Fan Tiantian, Lang Lang, Yu Boxao, Li Zhen, Wang Ning, Huang Xingzhen, Fang Zhou, Sangping, Chen Hao, Li Zeyu

Type: comedy science fiction family

Country/region of production: Mainland China

Also known as Mozart from Space

Synopsis: Ren Dawang (Huang Bo) is determined to train his astronomic son Ren Xiaotian (Rong Zishan) to be a piano player, for which his father and son often quarrel. One day, the mysterious alien Mozart appeared unexpectedly. From then on, Mozart helped Ren start a life of "fighting wits and courage" with his father.

Unexpectedly, Mozart came to the world with another mission

➠ Light year (2022)

Director: Angus McLean

Starring: Chris Evans, Coco, Palmer, Peter, Sun, Vidididale, Sols, James Brolin, Uzo, Adoba, Mary McDonald Lewis, Isah Witlock, Angus, McLean, Bill Harder, Evelyn, Ramirez Keira Heston

Type: science fiction animation adventure

Country/region of manufacture: USA

Also known as Buzz Lightyear


➠ Time limited rescue for serious cases (2022)

Director: Deng

Starring actors: Lin Zicong, Jiang Haowen, Ao Jiannian, Wu Haokang, Lu Haipeng, Zou Wenzheng, Li Jiaying, Guo Weiliang

Type: behavioral crime

Country/region of manufacture: Hong Kong

Synopsis: When the founder of Jufeng Finance Co., Ltd. died, his son Ma took over Jufeng Finance, and the usury business continued to grow.

The police intelligence department kept a record of Jufeng Finance's high annual interest rate loan. However, it cannot be arrested without substantial evidence. The Director of the Information Department died of illness. Zhang, a senior police officer, entrusted the follow-up work of Jufeng Finance to Huang Yichong, the leader of the Serious Crimes Group. When dealing with the relics of the director of the intelligence department, Huang found that the intelligence department had sent undercover agents to sneak into Jufeng Finance to collect criminal evidence. On the other hand, Ma Qianfang tried his best to stop the police investigation and even persecuted Uncle Hua, the eldest minister of Jufeng

After meeting you, Italian Recipe (2022)

Director: Hou

Starring actors: Huang, Liu, Wu, Fu Mei, Hu, Liu, Fan, Li Xiaochuan, Chen

Type: Love

Country/region of production: Mainland China, Italy, Germany

Also called: Romance in Rome/One Day and One Night

Synopsis: Thank you, let me meet love, thank you, let me meet better myself.

In the streets of ancient Rome, ordinary Huang Manman (Huang Yao) accidentally meets his idol Peng Baiyang (Liu). The two people who did not intersect staged a romantic and unexpected love trip in Rome, and the whole city was full of love. But the development of things is not as beautiful as they imagined. Real life brings them back to the origin. Over time, do they still remember the promise they made to each other in the streets of Rome that day?

➠ Zombie Academy 3z-o-m-b-i-e-s3 (2022)

Director: Paul Horne

Starring: Meg Donnelly Rupert Melo Mannheim Chandler Jinnimat Kelly Russell Trevor Todman Tricia Blake Amelia McCarthy Ariel Martin Tony Napo Pierce Joza Brady Wade Kingston Foster Mirano James Godfrey Naomisnik Paul Hopkinscara Jeffrey Yuan Russell Jasmin· Rene Thomas

Type: Love Song and Dance Home

Country/region of manufacture: USA

Another name: Zombie College Student 3 (Hong Kong)/Zombie 3

Synopsis: Zede is looking forward to winning a sports scholarship. Edison is preparing for the international cheerleading competition in West Brook.

Then, suddenly, extraterrestrial creatures appeared around West Brook, which was not just a friendly game.

Good night at dawn, the daughter is thinking (2022)

Director: Matsumoto Hanai

Starring: Black Island is like a leaf dragon


Country/region of manufacture: Japan

Another name: One night, she missed the dawn of that moment

➠ Mask car (2022)

Director: Zhang Chi

Starring actors: Song and Pan


Country/region of production: Mainland China

Synopsis: There are always some unexpected things happening, but there is always a healing seed taking root in people's hearts.

Flying Fox in Snow Mountain: Treasure of Northern China (2022)

Director: Qiao Lei

Starring actors: Zhao, Chen Yushuang, Lu Liangwei, Chunyu Shanshan, Chen Zihan, Yang Yi, Zhao Zichong, Fu Jia, Wu Yi, Zheng Haonan

where to rent https://www.99reel.com Where to buy https://www.99reel.com movie more Type: action martial arts suit

Country/region of production: Mainland China

Synopsis: Ten years ago, Tian Guinong convened the Grand General and organized a game to lead the Great Xia Miao Renfeng and Hu Yidao to fight for treasure. Miao Hu and Hu died. Ten years later, Hu's son Hu avenged his father. A revenge war begins, and a "hunting game" is here... This film is based on Jin Yong's martial arts novel. Green Lantern: Watch out for my power (2022)
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