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Ma, Sun Xijiu, Cui Kuihua,

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摘要: Starringactors:Ma,SunXijiu,CuiKuihua,XuDongyuan,ParkZhihuan,HeJun,ParkJiaxi,YinBingxi,ParkEnyu,Quancheng,IamtheGoldenAge,ZhongYin,aliterarymaster,NanW......
Starring actors: Ma, Sun Xijiu, Cui Kuihua, Xu Dongyuan, Park Zhihuan, He Jun, Park Jiaxi, Yin Bingxi, Park Enyu, Quancheng, I am the Golden Age, Zhong Yin, a literary master, Nan Wenzhe, Zheng Zaiguang, Rao Wangzhen, Li Zhuyuan

Type: behavioral crime

Country/region of production: Korea

Also known as: Crime City: Kyi Quan Law Enforcement (Hong Kong)/Overview

Uncle Ma has something to see

Description: The production company of "Crime City" said that the sequel of the film will be released in the middle of 2019, and will still be directed by the original director Jiang, with Ma as the star. At present, the sequel is under preparation. In particular, the producer said that the sequel would be made into 15 action movies targeting the police and bandits, which could be watched by more people. At the same time, he also stressed that he hoped to build the police role played by Ma into a representative police image in South Korea.

➠ ethakkumthanindhavan, guardian of two villages (2022)

Director: pandiraj

Starring: suliyesivakumaPriyankaarulmohanSajiaRajisaraniabonwananVinayRaiMADHUSUDHANRaolavarasuv.jayaprakashdevadarshiniChetanhareeshperadiM.S.BhaskarSuliPugashVelaramoorthySaiDhena

Type: action thriller

Country/region of production: India

Also known as et

➠ Witch 2 Pay Part 2 Another (2022)

Director: Pu Xunzheng

Starring actors: Shen, Li, Zhao Minxiu, Jin Duomei, Pu Enbin, Xu Enxiu, Jin Jiucheng, Yu Bin

Type: action suspense

Country/region of production: Korea

Also known as Witch Trilogy: Another She (Taiwan)/Witch: Part II/Witch: Part II Another

High definition Korean and Chinese characters have been published

Synopsis: This film tells the story of a young girl waking up in a huge secret laboratory.

She fled the laboratory and met Qingxi, who was trying to protect her home from criminal organizations. After the criminal organization that broke into Qingxi's home clashed with the girl, the girl defeated them with overwhelming force. During this time, the secret laboratory has been tracking the girl. Who is this mysterious girl?

[Uncover the Secret: Her Sister]

➠ Friends of the Week (2022)

Director: Lin

Starring actors: Zhao, Mai Lin, Shen, Wang Jiahui, Fan, Zhang Chenxiao

Type: Drawing

Country/region of production: Mainland China

Aka: Friends of the week

Synopsis: In the repeating class of Shenghua Middle School, Lin Xiangzhi (Zhao Jinmai), a new transfer student, comes. She is very quiet and smart, but she is always alone and does not make friends with other students. But in this way, she attracted the attention of Xu (Lin), the scum in the class. In the process of making friends with Lin, Xu and Gu's Song Xiaonan (Shen Yue) and Gao Lengxue (Wang Jiahui) discover Lin's secret. As a result, she had a special disease, and her memory of her friends was only seven days. In order to help this lonely girl, the four of them formed a "Doomsday Survival" team to create surprises and memories for her. As we all know, there is a more sad secret behind Lin's illness. This film is adapted from Ye's cartoon of the same name.

➠ Extreme hardship hot seat (2022)

Director: James Cullenbresac

Starring actors: Mel Gibson, Sam Asgary, Shannon Dorty, Mike Welch, Kevin Dillon, Eddie Stevens, Lydia Hecat, Katz Mankeys, Jabbiana Hal, Jonathan Stoddard Drew Taylor, Kezaville Estrada, Dylan Freshner, Anthony Paliaro, James Karen Bresack, Lester G. Reynolds

Type: thriller

Country/region of manufacture: USA

Also known as: Break/Bomb Trap

Synopsis: A former hacker is forced to break into a senior banking institution, and another man has to try to break into the building set in the trap to help young people get out of trouble.

➠ Fierce Wolf (2022)

Director: RockyHuangSiyuan

Starring actors: Guo, Shi Zhenlong, Ma Yuan, Liu, Liu Hanyi

Type: science fiction disaster

Country/region of production: Mainland China

Synopsis: It tells the story that the scientific research team encountered an air crash on the way of investigation and fell into an iceberg of driverless people. The journey of population research turned into a journey of despair.

Song Wu (Guo), the survivor of the scientific research team, is chased by the giant wolves in the snow mountain when he leads the masses to escape. The autistic daughter Jingwen (played by Liu) is taken hostage by the giant wolf. In order to save his daughter, he decided to bravely break into the wolf den and fight with the mutant wolf. The packs of man eating wolves are getting closer and closer, and their companions have become "wolf food". The giant wolf is besieged, the snow mountain survives, and various threats are escalating. A soul stirring battle was launched between people and disasters and monsters. Facing the test of life and death, can everyone escape from heaven?

Who will lose, who will win, the war and powerful force between human beings and beasts?

Followers (2022) 4.4

Director: James Ritchie

Starring: Revell Carpenter Mollyleach Serenakamlani

Type: Terror

Country/region of manufacture: USA

Synopsis: Three backpackers find themselves being followed by a mysterious person and record their every move.

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➠ Black telephone (2022)

Director: Scottdraxon

Starring actors: Mason Times, Madeleine McGraw, Ethan Hodgimi Davis, e Roger Mitchell, Troy, Lutheran, James Lanson, Miguel Casares, Moralibeka, Clark, J. Gavin Wilde, Spencer Fitzgerald, Jordan Isaiah Whitebrady Ryan Tristan Prawan, Jacob, Moran, Michael Banks, Kieran Ludnena Repetta Megan, Peter Smith Peterson
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